A proper hello


Really miss drawing so much! Drawing for fun, I mean. So here’s my first attempt in order to make me draw again. What’s the point of graduating from an art school if you stop drawing. It’s my first love, after all.

of writing and mother language

I have a kinda tough discussion in my own mind about what language I will be using in this blog. Our house has stopped subscribing newspapers and magazines for 2 years or more. And as a plus: our tight budget makes us refrain from buying any magazines. Besides, why should you subscribe anyway? Online publication offers thousands contents about my favorite topics and niche. The same as the glossy pages of magazines I bought from the news-stand every month in the past.

If I have extra budget, I would love to buy printed magazines, too, but I prefer to save my money for another expenses instead. For now, IDR 50k per month for endless supply of information (except when the internet is being a b*tch) is better than IDR 30k for a magazine per month.

But I found myself forgot to write in my own mother language, Indonesian.

No, it’s not like I don’t know how to talk in Bahasa Indonesia. I’m talking Bahasa at home, with my friends, everything. My English pronounciation is real bad. I don’t have a wide vocabulary and my grammar is a mess. It’s been awhile since I take an English class, and I am 100% sure I will fail TOEFL/TOEIC if I take one. I can’t write a joke in english or pull off a witty dialogue expressions either. It’s just a plain, bland english.

But nowadays I’m reading everything in english. Except those news tickers on the bottom of television we’re watching on dinner, every sites I read daily is in English. I found Indonesian sites unappealing and I haven’t found their topics interesting. Well, Indonesian site execution are far less interesting than English sites. The way Indonesian sites presenting their content doesn’t interest me, or maybe I haven’t found it yet. I have a couple of Indonesian sites that I used to read daily, but most of them weren’t as interesting anymore. Or: well, those Indonesian sites are using English, too (lol).

And now the effect is.…here. I feel ashamed of myself as I tried to write my own musings in bahasa and can’t found a fitting voice of myself–and ended using English. I don’t know how to write in bahasa. I can write. I can ramble. But the phrases that popped in my mind are in English form, and when I tried to translate it, I keep deleting it over and over. No, it’s not my voice, I don’t feel like I should be write that–and so on.

But maybe, it’s just about routines. The last time I blog properly was in the middle of 2013, and I fall into a depression pit which makes me unable to write. Now I choose to take a fresh start and write again, I think I would be better if I write more often. Oh, and reading more Indonesian articles so I can find my own voice again. I’m comfortable using English in posts, but still. Indonesian writings are beautiful, and oh boy how I want to write comfortably in bahasa again.

Write, read, write, read, write, read.

And so I make my pledge; to read more Indonesian writings, and write more in Indonesian. I might be buy some magazines again. If you have some recommendations of Indonesian blogs/magazines/blogazines to read, please tell me! :)


thank god it's friday!

thank god it’s friday!

I spent mostly my time at home nowadays. Rainy season is almost coming–it’s raining outside my window, the temperature is quite cool, and it feels comfortable. Today is also #angkotday campaign from @risetindie–a social experimentation if angkot became the most ideal public transportation in Bandung. Bandung relies in angkot for their public transportation, yet angkot still couldn’t be reliable.

Today we can use angkot (one route, one day) for free–Kalapa-Dago from 5AM-7PM, respectively. Unfortunately I can’t join the event because I don’t have any business within that route, and it’s too far from home; and most likely, I’m broke, haha. Watching the responses from citizens is awesome though. The newly elected mayor Ridwan Kamil also participated in the event. As a (self appointed) devoted angkot user myself, I hope angkot could be a better and reliable, the most ideal public transportation in Bandung–and thus reducing traffic caused by private cars and motorcycles. Hoping for the best for our city, right?

My first drawing tablet was a payment from an illustration I did for my friend. She’s so kind to give it to me. She seldom use it, she said, so she gave it to me instead leaving it being dusty. I learned how to sketch and coloring digitally–and I’m not doing manual sketches anymore. Then I’m busy doing my final projects and too absorbed in my writing hobby and forgets how to draw (!). The tablet was broken early this year and I can’t find where I can buy the sparepart; I should buy a new one.

I haven’t buy a new one though. I want to do manual sketches again. I became lazy in drawing; especially since drawing for final project being such a burden for me. Now, I’m free to do anything, and I want to draw again. So here we go, a simple doodle about what I’m doing today. I was bored with my music library and as usual I’ll go to 8tracks.com where I can listen to new songs for free. Usually I listen to K-Indie and post rock stuffs; today I try french music and I think they’re pretty nice.

What are you doing today? I hope you have a happy day like myself, too.

Super-turis domestik


Minggu kemarin, saya berkesempatan mengunjungi Floating Market Lembang. Saya lahir dan besar di Bandung. Pengalaman saya hidup di kota lain hanya sewaktu usia sanya lima sampai enam tahun. Sisanya ya selalu di Bandung, selalu di rumah yang ini saja, tidak berubah. Keluarga saya juga termasuk kumpulan orang-orang yang jarang tamasya. Bisa dibilang, tamasya keluarga itu setahun sekali atau dua kali atau malah tidak sama sekali. Pilihannya pun selalu luar kota. Kalau di dalam kota, rasanya bukan wisata.

Makanya, rasanya kemarin agak aneh sewaktu diajak Ibu tiri saya berkunjung ke Floating Market Lembang. Entah saya yang emang katro atau memang karena saya penduduk setempat atau memang nggak punya uang jadi nggak pernah memperhatikan, saya tidak tahu tuh ada objek wisata yang begitu. Bandung memang selalu penuh turis lokal kalau Sabtu dan Minggu. Katanya sih banyak objek wisatanya. Tapi saya yang penduduk setempat kalau ditanya “ke mana”, malah bingung.

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Life in pictures: Pangandaran

pangandaran is still the same, though.

pangandaran is still the same, though.

It’s been awhile. :)

Saya benar-benar menikmati liburan, mungkin. Separuh ramadhan saya dihabiskan di luar kota–karena Ayah tahu-tahu membawa saya dan adik ke tempat keluarga besar di Garut. No internet, no virtual connections, dan singkatnya, saya keenakan dan melupakan blog ini (selain juga karena ada kerjaan lain). Tapi, yah, begitulah. Akhirnya balik lagi ke sini. Lalu mengapa foto di atas adalah Pangandaran? Karena setelah dari Garut, saya ikut keluarga besar Ibu saya ke Pangandaran.

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